West African Crisis


During the 1990s, international news had been coloured by African asymmetric civil and multi-states wars. One of the hotspots was in Western Africa, where abundant natural and mineral resources and weak states induced local and foreign interests to compete and support each other in devastating the region. Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and finally Côte d’Ivoire drowned in bloody and interconnected civil wars.

The civil wars had, at least, the same pattern of occurrence. Domestic political turmoils caused by corrupt regimes and ethnicity in those countries had created armed struggles for power, which was prolonged since the rebels and the governments had equal firepower. In turn, prolonged civil wars had turned the rebels into warlords who had been profiting the war. In all cases, neighbouring privates’ and states’ hands also had intervened to make these conflict worsened.

West African Crisis

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