How The Triumphant Americans Have Changed Our World (Again)

A regime had fallen apart weeks ago, as its armed forces ceased to exist. Fierce resistance, heavy urban fighting, as offered and promised by Saddam and his P.R minister, are proven to be a whole daydream that only had been effectively illussioning many of Indonesian military commentators (while most of them are former TNI top-brass). Triumphant American soldiers, on foot, in their jeeps, tanks and APCs, were replacing photographs and news on civillian casualties (the collateral damage). As if there were no accountability of the fact that the bloods shed for the Iraqi Freedom were truly of those whom are claimed to be freed.

As preparation for the installation of a brand new regime takes place and multilateral interests are already bickering for the spoils of war, the gallant Americans are now set their eyes to other parts of the world. It may seems that the Hawks in the White House now again only throwing ferocious threats to Syrian and North Korean governments, but everyone can be assured that another war must be in preparation by the neo-cons, Bush’ roundtable knights. The past two years experiences have taught us some lessons, namely: the American Hawks are leading our world into an open ended unilateral war.

Even it was hardly surprising for many people, the act of self-righteous did not meet any kind of serious resistance at all, except from those who rallied enmasse across the world against the war. Hardly surprising too, even with grumbles spreading in Western European governments, everyones seems to be eager to bid for the management of the spoils of the war itself, namely, oil and reconstruction. Another example, Indonesia’s President Megawati, even she had been described as a vocal voice against the war by the radio Voice of America, barely did nothing to stop the war. Three US battle groups made a so-called innocent passage through Strait of Malacca without her protest in what so ever. In realpolitik terms, we can say that the gallant Americans, with their Hawks and state-of-the-art weaponry at their disposal, with their bully and bribe diplomacy, really have passed the historical test, that is to proceed without serious global resistance in pursuing their finest ambition, “reshaping the world”. They have ousted the UN legitimacy in monopolizing ‘legal’ acts of war. They have devided the European Union. Really, the triumphant Americans have, again, changed our world.

One can really say that we are getting back to the late ’30s. The world was hit by a great depression. Governments all over the developed world, particularly the US government, first tried the civillian ways to push demands by government-directed infrastructure projects. But the Nazis did not follow that line, they just directly went into what German capitalism needed. They expanded their lands (market) and their heavy industries by militarization. Fascism was spread across Europe especially in the eastern part, as a basic for German invasion. First, it was Rhineland, then Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia, then finally German invasion to Poland. The historical test was passed, no real opposition existed. Not even from the great powers. For the present United States, first Afghanistan, then Iraq, next may be Syria or even North Korea. But for the US Hawks, they already have passed the test.

War policies will not be hard to produce. As the Economist magazine said on its April 26th, 2003 edition: “War in Iraq has helped to create a new American foreign-policy establishment.” That is the establishment that thinks America should be willing to use military might to defeat “forces of chaos”, or in Mr Bush’ words: the Axis of Evil. Especially, if the state has the utmost and tested superior military forces and weaponry. The bully diplomacy will be the main tool of foreign policy.

Aggressive, warmonger foreign policy attitude is not only serving oil magnates’ interests, as many people believe. In fact, war has changed into a sector of economy. It is not a secret that US private companies are taking profits providing services to US military forces which now occupying Iraq. Just like militarization prior to World War II, it really can bail a country out from a great recession. With her domestic industries are in deep trouble, war economy is really a great temptation after all.

Also, as many people remember the ’70s and Cold War era, this militarization of foreign policies of US, will not be only inside the frontiers of the country, but has gathered influences in other countries as well already. Militarization and weapon proliferation have been spurred by governments. As for the proxy countries, like India, Pakistan and Indonesia, it really can bring a great deal of money to the pockets of the corrupt generals or officials in defense ministries for military operations mean new fees from arms deal.

The imminent military operation in Acheh is one of the event that follows the precedent given by US government. With foreign pressures to the Indonesian government on the issue of human rights are eased and changed into the issue of security, military hardliners and conservative high officials feel emboldened to push warmonger agendas as ‘the final solution’ for Acheh question. There have been public remarks expressed by high ranking military officials on coping with the ‘separatists’. Finally, now we can see how ‘the model pupil’, using the words of the Australian movie maker John Pilger, has alligned herself to follow the path of the teacher. The triumphant Americans have changed our world!