Reinterpretasi Kenaikan Harga BBM

ISU Bahan Bakar Minyak (BBM) di Indonesia, boleh dibilang telah menjadi alat pengganggu kekuasaan. Siapapun yang menduduki kursi kepresidenan Republik Indonesia, pasti bergetar hatinya jika mesti berhadapan dengan masalah BBM.

Everlasting woes – The economy will not recover under current policies

Indonesia, ‘The model pupil of developing countries’, as the World Bank once put it, is now looking into a deep pit. After six years of crisis, there are no signs of recovery for Indonesia. Key economic infrastructure has continued to degrade. Parts of many cities, especially outside Java, are now experiencing regular electricity blackouts, as the power capacity drops due to lack of maintenance or to just bad, uncoordinated, planning. The railways have seen a 64 per cent increase in accidents due to ageing tracks and facilities. So what has happened to the Indonesian Miracle?